Council 5300
Business Meeting Minutes


Meeting date:  March 20, 2017

7:30 pm   The meeting was called to order by GK Jack Turney.  He led the opening prayer and pledge.

Prior to opening the formal meeting process, he turned the meeting over to the First Degree Exemplification team, with SK Chris Arnoult as acting GK. The Degree ceremony was conducted in good order with new member Dan Johanson duly initiated into the council.  Dan is a Santa Barbara resident with children at St Raphael school.

GK Turney reopened the council 5300 meeting at 8:14 pm. 

14 members were present showing membership cards and badges to Acting Warden Bradbury.  Officers absent were John Kirk,  Jose Meza and Bill Fuhrer.

MINUTES –Reading of the Minutes was Postponed.

GRAND KNIGHT’S REPORT:  GK Turney reported that Sat 6/24/17 is scheduled for officer installation with a shared ceremony with Council 1684 at Serra Chapel at Mission SB.  Time has not been set. 

DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT’S REPORT: DGK Cervantes reported that Fish Fry on 3/17 grossed $2333 with 212 served. Also, the Pancake Breakfast on 3/19 served 70 adults.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY’ REPORT: FSec Filippello reported 170 members, 57 hon/life. Building fund holds 625K . Note that our approved check for $20k is written and awaits proper scheduling to be presented to Bishop HS leadership.  He also noted that the income for February was $1337 and the expenses were $3667.  Detailed copies of the Income and Voucher reports are available for review in the Grand Knight’s file.

TREASURERS’ REPORT: John Kestel reported $798.96 in the Grand Knight’s checking account and $39945.27 in the Council checking account.

MEMBERSHIP CHMN REPORT:  Chris reports 2nd exemp sched for 4/12/17 at 1684, 3rd exempt TBD.

OLD BUSINESS: On the coke booth, Chris reports a meeting with Old Spanish Days mgr. Menchaca, who made several suggestions but serious issues remain.

Knightline – Bro John Tevenan is trying to put together a shortened issue to be published for April 2017, advised by Bro. Rich Scholl in carrying forward the Knightline effort.

YEAR ROUND FISH FRIES. Various groups have been surveyed on running fish fries at intervals through the year. Note that more dishwashing help is needed at fish fries and pancake breakfasts.

POLO SHIRTS. Chris Arnoult is taking orders for polo shirts embroidered with the 5300 logo.  Contractor is Martha Avila at “Sew Nice”.

DISTRICT DEPUTY report:  Reports upcoming schedules on 2nd and 3rd degree exemplifications.

CHAPTER MEETING. John Bravo reports the next meeting is at St Joseph in Carp on 4/25/17 at 7pm.

Updated March 26, 2017


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